Sammy Altogether

Title: Sammy Altogether
Summary: Dean comes to surprise Sam at Stanford...and ends up surprised by some things himself. Takes place shortly after This Charming Sam and The Restless Heart (The Promised Sam), so Dean has talked to Jess on the phone but never met her in person.
Wordcount: 8,113
Author's Note: um hi. I can't imagine anyone is still interested in this verse, but we are.
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Sick Kid for Sick Kids

It's pretty exciting to get to talk to you guys outside of the comments and my Dean-voice. I haven't really done that before, y'know?

So, hey. 

My name is Kira (it isn't really). I'm twenty. I started watching Supernatural in July and it promptly ate my life. I'm a college student on the east coast, majoring in English, and I want to be a big real writer when I grow up! I have cats and a dog and a girlfriend and a moose pillow pet named Growley. I write a shit ton of original stuff but I love, love, love writing Sammyverse, and the fact that you guys actually want to read it makes me UNBELIEVABLY happy.

So now naturally, I'm going to take advantage of you.

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throw bunnies at me

I'm in need of inspiration for my verse. Anything you'd like to see? Anything at all? I'll take it all and chew it up and spit out something pretty, hopefully.

ETA: Damn, you guys are fantastic. Keep it coming.

ETAA: going ahead and dating this out of order because I WANT ALL YOUR PROMPTS ALWAYS

Alphabet Challenge

So I'm trying to jump back into writing after what I know has been a really unreasonable hiatus, and I want to do it by letting myself just write some little things.

So how about 26 of 'em? Not committing to a word length, but I'll go as long as the story needs and I'll try to do 'em quickly.

Here's how it works, if you're new to the concept: You can claim one unclaimed letter (or more than one, but put some time between the two so other people can grab a letter if they have a specific one in mind) and give me a word that starts with it. It's gonna end up having some Sam-centric h/c in it because it's me, but no reason that needs to affect your word choice. If you want to include some more wishes after the word, feel free to expand in a few lines and give me a pairing or something (I'll write any pairing you can think of) and I'll do my best to honor them.

Please participate so I don't sit around feeling like a dumbass?

EDIT: If you have a preference for in the verse/out of the verse please let me know, otherwise I'll just do whatever I think fits the story best.


B-- lavinialavender
C-- harrigan
D-- kazluvsbooks
E-- sandycub
G-- iamthepasserby
H-- goldfishie1
I-- ladykorana
J-- ladygreytowers
L-- classiczeppelin
P-- faege
Q-- blackrabbit42
R-- saltfuture
S-- eternallydazed
T-- glenien
U-- saltfuture
W-- hellespont
X-- madebyme_x
Y-- ladygreytowers
Z-- callistosh65

Sammy's Tracks Untraceable

Title: Sammy's Tracks Untraceable
Summary: Right after they've settled in post-Hell, a friend (or something) comes to visit.
Wordcount: 4,671
Author's Note: So I'm working on a big Jess-lives and then I stumbled on this the other day. I wrote it almost exactly a year ago and I have no idea why I didn't post it? I guess I didn't like it. It might be because it's pretty thematically redundant but like whatever, Sam has a fever and there are some sentences I like and I have made an executive decision that that's enough. (I have killed an option!) Title's from "Sons and Daughters."
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so you know that story I posted a few days ago? I mentioned it was part of this massive Sammyverse-coda thing familybizness and I have built together. She had a story from it on her journal as well, and then at the EXACT SAME MAGIC MOMENT we realized that obviously what we needed was a Heartverse journal.

SO if you like my Sammyverse I can pretty much guarantee that you want to be in on this. It's so much asthma Sam and then you also get HEART FAILURE SAM and fambiz's Dean is to diiiiie for and we beat the shit out of him too, and there are so many original characters that we really like (the biggest two being Christa and Kylie, who you met in the last story!) and really it's just a fucking great time and we really want you to read 'em.

So right now it's essentially just a launch page buuuut CHECK IT OUT. comment! friend! say hey! GET EXCITED.


What I Did for Sam

Title: What I Did for Sam
Summary: Sam has hallucinations, a fever, and a kind of kickass therapist. Outsider POV
Wordcount: 8,605
Author's Note: Warning: Lots of rape talk. So I debated for a while rather to post this one/ones like it that I have because it's not strictly Sammyverse. It's kind of a coda to Sammyverse tha familybizness nd I created (in fact you can find some stories from this sub-'verse on her journal!) called Heartverse that follows the boys after they settle down after Hell, the two of them in a house in California, Sam into Cas, and Dean into this girl I made. If you hate this, let me know and I won't post 'em anymore, but I felt bad about not having anything here for a while and the truth is it's because I've been working on this Heartverse business. So this one is very vaguely Sam/Cas, but a lot of them are not.

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Sam Lives Inside My Walls

fTitle: Sam Lives Inside My Walls
Summary: Sam's roommate really, really was not expecting Sam.  
Wordcount: 7,075
Author's Note: Stanford, Sam's freshman year, just after Sammy Fell Through the Ice. I know Stanford was not the most-requested in my poll buuuut I already had this finished. And it's MY favorite era. And I wanted to write more Stephen. Also bisexual Sam shows up in this one? It's my headcanon and he's in some of the Jess-lives ones I have in the works so at least college-experimental Sam, tada, here he is. Sorry if you don't like it. Good luck to everyone else gettin' hit by the storm!

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